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With the election quickly approaching, I want to make it clear what you are voting for.  Here is a quick comparison of where Liz and I stand on different issues:

Bill Brannan

Liz Rundzieher

For the roundabout

Against the roundabout

For the splashpad

Against the splashpad

For the pool

Against the pool

For one-way streets downtown

Against one-way streets downtown

For smart growth

Against growth

Committed to developing all departments

Committed to developing police department


The Roundabout & One-way Streets

If Liz Rundzieher, Steve McIntosh and Gram Lankford get elected, they want to stop the roundabout project.  The roundabout and one-way streets are both primarily about safety and then about traffic flow.  I have met many of the citizens who are directly affected by these two issues, and safety is the big concern.  For that reason alone, we should not abandon these projects.  The streets in old town are very narrow, and when cars are going both directions, they often pull into peoples’ yards and many have told me how dangerous it is.  Where the roundabout is going is also a very unsafe intersection, especially for children.  In addition, these projects are part of a comprehensive transportation plan that will manage the traffic flow of Liberty Hill.  Both of these projects also invest in the culture of the city with regard to safety and beauty, two areas that we need to be very intentional about developing.  We cannot allow these projects to be undone. 

Splashpad & Swimming Pool

Again, if Liz Rundzieher, Steve McIntosh and Gram Lankford get elected, they would like to stop these projects as well.  They do not understand that we need to be very intentional about developing a family environment for Liberty Hill.  This is necessary to help guide growth in a manner that is intentional, and will result in a city with the types of businesses that will express our identity.  Many people are concerned about growth because they love what Liberty Hill is and has been.  They also have seen cities where growth just happened and destroyed a city’s identity.  That will happen to Liberty Hill as well if we do not take charge of our growth and lead it in a healthy direction.  A beautiful, peaceful and safe city with families and children playing and enjoying our parks and trails is something I am committed to.

Smart Growth

Liz Rundzieher talks about developing the police department.  I am committed to growing the police department as well as everything necessary to sustain growth such as water, waste water, public works, city planning, parks and recreation and the finance department.  One of the issues that Liz does not seem to understand is that cities need to move multiple projects forward at the same time.  Everything necessary for managing growth needs to be developed simultaneously.  That is what good leadership does.

Liz Rundzieher does not offer any solutions to manage growth, just platitudes and slogans without real substance.  She campaigns on change, yet she has been on the city council since the city was founded.  She identifies publicly with candidates that use slander to promote their campaigns.  Charges of wrongdoing without evidence are nothing but slander. The citizens of Liberty Hill need a city council that will serve them and manage growth in an intelligent manner that will result in a beautiful, safe and prosperous community.  That is how I will serve you if you elect me to city council.