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Vote for Bill Brannan

When I first decided to run for City Council, it was from a genuine love for the city of Liberty Hill and a desire to use my experience to help the city grow.  Through my diverse experiences in the church, corporate world and education, I have the skills required to help Liberty Hill prepare for growth.  My vision is to steward the growth in a manner that is responsible, emphasizes a safe city with a vibrant family atmosphere while developing a strong local economy.  Currently I am the Head of School at Fortis Academy and a pastor at Life Springs Church. (more…)

Support Bill Brannan for City Council

I am running for Liberty Hill City Council and am asking your financial support for my campaign.  (more…)

One-Way Streets in Liberty Hill

Everyone in Liberty Hill is feeling the pains of growth, especially with traffic.  The proper solution is to have a plan in place that will accommodate the growing traffic, and that is exactly what the city has with the roundabout and the transportation plan that provides an alternate route around the city.  The one-way streets are part of a well thought out plan for the city. (more…)

Responsible Growth for Liberty Hill

If I am elected to city council, I promise that I will promote responsible growth.  One of the problems with campaigns is that they are often filled with slogans that lack substance, which I intend to provide while trying to be conscious that substance is not as fun as slogans. (more…)

Driving Healthy Economic Growth for Liberty Hill

When I was interviewed by Mike Eddleman, I picked up on the fact that maybe he and others are tired of people talking about being for growth but not having a clear vision of how that actually works.  We all know that growth is not just coming, it is already upon us. We can see it with new commercial construction on highway 29. (more…)

“Brannan Ready to Weigh Options”

Recently I spoke to a constituent who asked me whether I would support their cause if elected to the city council, and if I would, they would support my campaign.  I told them honestly that until I am fully informed to make a decision, that I couldn’t.  I promised them that I would execute my responsibilities with excellence and integrity, and would make well informed decisions based on information that includes the desires of constituents.  I will not champion individual policies to get elected or to make people happy. I will champion good policies that are for the benefit of the citizens of Liberty Hill. (more…)

The Right People at the Right Time

Old perceptions that are not based in reality are hard to overcome, and that is what I am finding as I talk with the citizens of Liberty Hill.  Growth is happening, and the city needs the right team in place to manage that growth in a responsible manner. (more…)

Political Parties in Liberty Hill

When I first moved to Liberty Hill, one of my daughters told me of an event that happened to her at the public school.  Some of the students, after meeting her, asked her if she was a Republican or a Democrat.  That was the first indicator that I was going to love Liberty Hill (and the inspiration for this article’s image).

Protecting the Citizens of Liberty Hill

My campaign slogan is, “For the citizens of Liberty Hill.”  That slogan represents the fundamental responsibility of someone who is elected to city council.  Many of my articles address my vision and position on policies, but here I want to explain something that is fundamental to protecting the interests of citizens, yet it is not often discussed because it is not very interesting.  Proper governmental structure and legislative procedure are essential to protecting the interests of citizens.  (more…)

Bill Brannan vs. Liz Rundzieher

With the election quickly approaching, I want to make it clear what you are voting for.  Here is a quick comparison of where Liz and I stand on different issues:

Bill Brannan

Liz Rundzieher

For the roundabout

Against the roundabout

For the splashpad

Against the splashpad

For the pool

Against the pool

For one-way streets downtown

Against one-way streets downtown

For smart growth

Against growth

Committed to developing all departments

Committed to developing police department


Bill Brannan

“For the Citizens of Liberty Hill”

(512) 221-1283

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